Fluxar was created as a singular idea fused from the merging of vision and execution. Our combined experience in conceptualizing ideas, design-based problem solving and the complicated artistic process gives us a unique edge is the world of design. To say we only specialize in graphics would be inaccurate to say the least. We don't put many limits on what we can design and the ways we can implement said creations. We can get digital, we can get mixed media, we can get down and we can cut a rug.


Kynan Chambers

Creative Director

April of ‘74 was the beginning. However, let’s fast forward to ‘94 where Kynan spent most of his time building computers and playing Quake. When ‘97 hit, Kynan formed an ISP and hosting company called Subsonic, which later became Fluxar.

A short time later, Studio Stasis, a full-blown recording studio, was created by Kynan and his longtime friend, Josh Miller. Kynan engineered and produced many artists alongside of Josh in the early 2000’s. Continuing to evolve and embrace his design mindset, Fluxar was created. (Aeon Flux and Pixar make Fluxar). 2005 and forward, Fluxar has been a juggernaut in the design scene.

An architect of design to say the least, Kynan focuses his time as the Creative Director behind Fluxar. His areas of expertise are a complex road map of tech meets design. Network design, home theater design, industrial design, interior design, are just a few areas of expertise he holds in his deck.

Some of the coolest projects he has worked on include Star Trek the Tour, Total Recall Online, Orgy and Julien-k music projects, Planet Michael Jackson, Buck Owens family of projects, and of course working with legendary record producer Tim Palmer.

Kynan finds enjoyment in pyrotechnics, gaming, collecting wine, vintage motorcycles, guitars, boating, fast cars, and high-fidelity audio.

Living now in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Kynan spends his free time hanging out with his wife Alycia and their 3 children.


Art Director

Dane is what you might call a modern renaissance man. He employs in his artistic arsenal the ability for design, illustration, typography, painting, music production, photography, video production and just about any other creative method to get the job done. Dane is also a musician who writes and records his own music under the name Baron Minker. His years of designing show posters and album art for bands and traditional design teachings added even more artistry to the FLUXAR umbrella and continues to today.

Proudest Achievement: I’ve had the honor of designing some beautiful concert posters for some of my favorite musicians and bands including Tame Impala, of Montreal and Explosions in the Sky.


Andreas pichler

Industrial / Product Designer

Andreas is a fifth generation Austrian-Italian artist and designer specializing in numerous fields of design including graphic, furnishing, sound and industrial.

Throughout his successful entrepreneurial career, Andreas has created custom-designed branding portfolios and functional products for global corporations and entities such as Rolls-Royce, Fender, Bogner, RedBull and Lugano in the areas of music, sport, fashion, art, lifestyle and home furnishing.

Via one of his true passions, sculpting, he has given birth to a modernized revival of the ancient Austrian woodcarving tradition known as Krampus, where Andreas has defined the next generation of the carvings and trappings through his signature “White Mask Series.” This same passion for woodworking extends into furnishings where, after years of research, experimentation and innovation, Andreas formulated a new method for texturizing and finishing surfaces, which he launched through his functional art series “77SELECTION” and “77ANDREAS.”

Andreas is the driving creative vision behind Foil Skis where he has been able to translate and project the skis’ intrinsic perfection and performance into the physical form for all to see. The timeless beauty of Foil skis is the result of Andreas’s innate understanding of art and his detailed dedication to perfection.

David Mcnamee

Graphic Designer

12 Cycle Dave, Mr. Wizard, Fid, Uncle Sal are just a few of David's aliases. Working 30+ years in the sign industry, David brings many different areas of expertise to the Fluxar family. David has designed and built signs for many of the largest companies that exist today.

His amazing scope of design just doesn't stop with signs, David has designed loud speakers, audio systems, Tesla Coils, and many other voltage heavy projects.

David’s work with Fluxar dates to the beginning in 2005. Some of the first logo and sign projects Fluxar did were all David. Countless projects later David never ceases to amaze with his design eye and absolute attention to detail.

A true innovator, inventor, designer, and creative.



Director of Development

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Director of Operations

Yes, that's a real typewriter Alycia is using, one handed. That's how it's done at Fluxar Studios. We also listen to our music on 8 track tapes and record players, just because we are cool that way.

Alycia is the epoxy of Fluxar, she holds everything and everybody together, tightly. Bookkeeping, billing, customer relations, taxes, are just a few of the tasks she deals with. Without Alycia, nobody would be billed or paid, she keeps the blood flowing.

Some of the guns in her holster include Quickbooks Enterprise, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Word, and a master of Excel. You think you know spreadsheets? You don't!

In the old days she was knighted the First Lady of Fluxar, and she holds that same title today.



System Administrator

Rest In Peace Charles Brown 02-01-2019

Chuck was one of my closest friends, and he was the most incredible admin a company can ask for. We were lucky to have him by our side for so many years. He is now looking over our servers from above. We all miss you old friend, and it's only been a day.

--Kynan Chambers

Jack of all, and master of all. Chuck Brown has been Fluxar's System Administrator since before it was Fluxar! His time as System Administrator dates clean back to 1997, when the office was filled with 56k modems, Boca Boards, and homemade Xeon servers running Linux. Ohh, and giant heavy APC battery backups.

Chuck is kinda like Batman, he is quietly fighting the forces of internet evil in the dark hours of the night. Keeping the servers up to date, secure, modernized, and fast.

Not only is Chuck an internet crime fighter, he is versed in just about every programming language out there.



Network Administrator

The man known as Matt, the master Network Administrator/ Engineer. You see that rack behind him? It represents his comfortable chaos ridden world. This guy knows everything about everything when it comes to hardware and software. He is the architect of the Fluxar help desk system, it's super fast internal network, IP telephone system, in house Windows servers, and every little technology based gadget we all use.

He lives, eats, and breaths technology. Microsoft Certified guru is just one of the many badges of honor he sports on his uniform. Cisco doesn't scare Matt, SQL doesn't scare Matt, come to think of it, nothing scares Matt. If it breaks, all he has to do is think about it and it’s fixed.

If you take note of the nice egg shape of his dome, everything will start to become clear. Matt Evans is truly an Egghead, and not one to be challenged. He will even kick your ass at your favorite first person shooter!