Image of the lobby of Fluxar Studios Inc. Modern Industrial Canted Wall. Image of the conference room with custom built conference table. Image of the lounge at Fluxar with shag carpet.


Our office, located in downtown Bakersfield, CA was completely remodeled in 2010. The 3,000 square foot building was split into two sections to accomodate our design facilities and house local artist Johnny Ramos of Bossanova Studios. This creative tank is completely custom. It features a custom designed conference table, custom built office desks and receptionist desk, and some of the most comfortable Steelcase Leap® chairs imaginable.

Fluxar started by doing some demolition to the old interior. We gutted the building, tore down walls, pulled up plumbing, ripped out the electrical wiring, and turned the building into a box with four walls. We then came back in; and with a blank canvas to start, began building our new workspace. It took many man hours to scrape the concrete floors, replumb, sheetrock, and run electical. Once we had finished the core of the buildings framing, and passed many inspections, we moved on to all of the little things that make our building great.

Custom duct work, new air conditioning systems, custom desks and tables, a loft for relaxing with thick shag carpet, and tiling the bathrooms ourselves finally lead us to the completion of the new command center.

A slew of businesses came together to complete this building including Douglass Truck Bodies (built our desks, conference table, and loft gaurd rails), Kern Glass (provided all of our glass and doors), SWAN Construction (our framing), and too many others to list.


Fluxar Studios has conducted a full office remodel for nearly 2 years. Check out the gallery of how it all came together.