• Total Recall Online Game

    DVD Insert Design
  • IES Engineering

    Trade Show Display Design
  • Mody Pump Inc.

    Website Design
  • Texas 28 Spirits and Stage

    Sign Design and Fabrication
  • Frantz-Houser Brewing Co.

    Logo Design
  • Rapidgrow

    Logo Design
  • Law Offices of David Torres

    Logo Design
  • Goldchord Music

    Professional Music Composer


Image of Fluxar Studios Lobby and Building Remodel


View our self designed modern industrial office environment.




Web & Interface

An abyss of concentrated design. Every website we envision for a client carries a total obsession for detail and absolute perfection. Our mission is to build a monolithic design engine with the ability to deliver unique, one of a kind designs to our clients.


As times change & programming languages advance, Fluxar continues to adapt. Versed in: PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, MySQL, XML, XHTML, CSS & Actionscript just to name a few. We implement a number of cutting edge libraries and content management systems to compliment these languages including (but not limited to) WordPress, jQuery/AJAX, PHPBB, Joomla & vBulletin.


Everyone has seen the influx of virtual storefronts lately - Amazon, Dell Computers, Zappos, CSN Stores LLC, and, to name a few. Working with systems such as OpenCart, WP-Ecommerce, Virtumart we can offer an online shopping solution for any price range.

Television & Motion

Do you need concept and script development, 3-D animation, or interactive CD and DVD authoring? Fluxar's production experience is infused with the latest technologies to create media rich content.

Sign Design

In need of a custom, one of a kind sign? We specialize in Plexi Glass Signs, Neon Signs, Pylon Signs, Channel Letters, Monument Signs, Reception Signs, Political Signs, Vinyl Signs , and much more. At Fluxar Studios we can handle Interior and exterior signage design and implementation of any size.

Print Design

Print? Print is an integral part of your identity. Color, style, perspective, and detailed layouts are essential. Our design expertise can provide you with high impact print products such as product packaging, beverage labels, business cards, booklets, signage, mailers, and postcards.

Brand Identity

Who are you? What is your message? What do others think? Do they recogNize you when they drive by? Why didn't they take notice? A dynamic, detailed, creative and powerful image is a necessity.


You have heard, "A picture is worth a thousand words." If you use poor imagery, you have just lost 1,000 words worth of self promotion. We will not compromise our client's image by using second rate imagery. 10 Mega Pixel, 4 Mega Pixel, a 2 dollar disposable... it doesn't matter. It's all about the vision and the eye. Only creative, professional imagery will be used.

Domain & Hosting

Abstract thoughts create the best domain names. Our creative influence helps you reach your target audience. No servers in dark rooms. Full backups, power redundancy, 24 hour administration, and the latest in server and operating system technologies are only a taste of what we can offer.